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Again thank you for saving me over $850. In August I had problems with my upstairs toilet. A plumber came out that was through my home warranty. The plumber said that the pipe from my home to the city main water line needed to be replaced and that a water pressure regulator needed to be installed to control the amount of water coming in to the house water line, because the pipe was too big and the water pressure was over 160. And that was making my toilet sound loud when it was flushed.

I called the Repipe Specialist and spoke to Art. He recommended that I purchase a water pressure gauge to check the pressure and that at the time that my repiping was done, the pressure was fine and the size was accurate. I did so. My water pressure was fine and no new pipe or water pressure regulator was needed.

My cost was only the cost of a water pressure gauge…$10.76. It saved me from being taken advantage of by the local plumber.

Repipe Specialist repiped my house over 9 years ago. Repipe Specialists was ready to have someone come out and look into the matter, honoring their rock solid warranty and guarantee. They were there and are still there for me no matter what the issue is or how long it’s been since I used their service.

Thank you!

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