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Over 30,000 satisfied customers have trusted Repipe Specialists’ industry-leading repipe services.

Low-Cost, High-Quality Home Repipes
For over twenty years, Repipe Specialists has provided the ultimate home repipe services for a fraction of the price that a plumber or contractor would charge. Because home repipes are all we do, we have the service down to a precise science which means vastly higher-value repipes at a much lower cost to you!

The Highest Quality Home Repipe Services Available

We are the top-rated copper and PEX (polyethylene) repipe company year after year because we do not cut corners. We do not hire day laborers and we do not use substandard parts. We use the highest quality materials and employ highly trained, experienced professionals so that we do the job right the first time.


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We Only Use Uponor PEX Pipes

We Only Use Uponor PEX Pipes

High quality, corrosion and freeze resistant, no leaks

Old, Poorly Performing Pipes Can Cost You a Fortune

If your house was constructed over 20 years ago, you may have Galvanized Iron, or even Polybutylene pipes, which plumbers refer to as “ticking time bombs.” It is simply a matter of time before one of these pipes fail and cost you thousands of dollars in water damage. Poorly installed PEX and copper pipes can fail as well.

If you have old pipes, low water pressure, dirty water, or poorly regulated water temperature, then it is time to get a free estimate from Repipe Specialists. We will repipe your home at the lowest possible cost and provide a lifetime guarantee on our work!

We Do It All Quickly, Cleanly and Inexpensively!

If you’re looking for a superior repipe service where the company quickly repipes your home and fully cleans up the job site after they leave, then you need to give Repipe Specialists a call. Our quotes are usually half those of a plumber or contractor because we focus solely on repipes.

We Only Use American Made Copper Pipes!

We Only Use American Made Copper Pipes!

Let Repipe Specialists Provide Optimum Water Pressure and Piece of Mind

Are you ready to repipe your home and have optimally performing pipes with a lifetime guarantee? Call Repipe Specialists at 1-405-400-0371 today for a free estimate which includes a full appraisal of your current plumbing condition.

Call 1-405-400-0371 or fill out this free estimate form and receive 20% OFF your Repipe!

Customer Testimonials

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"I wish to thank each of you for excellent, prompt service when repiping my home. I'm very, very pleased with the workmanship. The plasterers work could only be described as excellent. It was a pleasure to witness men taking such pride in their craft. I would have absolutely no reservations in recommending your fine company!!"


"Recently we had our pipes replaced with copper pipes. Your people were prompt, efficient and neat. Everything was cleaned up before your men left and the openings and tile were replaced as promised. Thank you! P.S. We have already recommended you to our friend and will not hesitate to refer you again."